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Lot of hand-drawn tansformation cards

These are some hand-drawn tansformation cards from three different packs, as the backs show. I got them as one lot. Possibly they were drawn by different people, as different pens were used.

All of them are pip cards (naturally) except the Ace of Spades which has also been transformed. For three of the cards there are two different transformations. The Ace of Spades is from a pack made by de la Rue & Co in London after 1862.

Actually, the cards should have been transformed after 14 March 1868, as the Four of Spades shows. This is the date when 'The Girl of the Period' mentioned there was published in the Saturday Review. On the Ace of Diamonds is 'S G', which should be the initials of the artist. I cannot explain the 'I X I    O N.    D O T.' on the Eight of Diamonds. If you have any idea please let me know.

There are also other hand-drawn transformation cards in my collection.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 October 2017