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The Royal Masonic Playing Cards

These free-masonry playing-cards were designed by John Leighton in 1886, and printed by Goodall & Son, London, for John Hogg. The court cards are the same in all suits. They show:
as Kings: Edward, Prince of Wales
with the legend 'SKI' (Solomon King of Israel)
as Queens: Alexandra, Princess of Wales
with the legend 'SHEBA' (Queen of Sheba)
as Jacks: Alfred, Duke of Connaught
with the legend 'HAB' (Hiram A Bif)
and Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh
with the legend 'HKT' (Hiram King of Tyre)
The Ace of Spades shows the crest of the 'United Grand Lodge of England'. On the back is again Edward, Prince of Wales, surrounded by signs of free-masonry. John Leighton has placed his initials on the back.

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