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Kimberley's Royal National Patriotic Playing Cards

Between c. 1892 and 1905, David Kimberley & Sons, Birmingham, produced at least five editions of this pack, with differing illustrations but the identical themes. This is the second or third edition, between c. 1893 and c. 1899. The maker's copyright notice is on the Ace of Diamonds.

The pack shows famous (or supposedly typical, the Jacks) people from four nations from the time or before on the court cards:
Clubs: Germany, with Emperor Wilhelm I as the King
Spades: France, with Emperor Napoleon III as the King
Hearts: the United States of America, with George Washington as the King
Diamonds: Great Britain, with Queen Victoria as the Queen
I have not checked the other court cards, but they may possibly also show famous people from this time, except the presumably undescript Jacks.

The Aces show the flags of the corresponding country. The back is typical for most (or all?) of the editions, it shows clocks in different places of the world - but I cannot see that they are all supposed to show the respective time to noon GMT -- that is not correct.

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