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Hand-drawn pack from the First World War

This is a pack with a pattern that is based on the Tell or Seasons pattern, but the usual designs have been replaced by military figures and scenes. At least some of the figures are real persons, which have their proper names. The King of Acorns is Czar Nicholas II. from Russia, and the King of Bells is King Peter I. from Serbia.

It is remarkable that the border of the cards and the back design is printed, while the figures, scenes, and suit-signs are hand-drawn.

On the back are the town's name 'Przemysl', a fortress in Galicia (now Poland) which was taken in 1915, the years '1914 -15', and 'Trozonyi L.'. Trozonyi is a Hungarian family name, possibly that of the designer.

© Peter Endebrock, 20 June 2000