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Feinste Whistkarten

This pack was printed around 1880 by Budapesti uj Kártyagyárk, the 'New Budapest Playing-card Factory'. The maker's name is on the King of Spades and on a stamp on the Ace of Hearts, and there is also 'BUDAPESTEN' on the Jack of Hearts.

On the King of Hearts is on one side the beginning of the name of the engraver 'W. TA' (which I guess to be W. Tatzelt), and on the other side 'Wien 1879'.

The Hungarian tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts was in use 1880 to 1883.

I have a partial wrapper for this pack, but the holes for the tax stamp and maker's name are so that you can read only a small part of the name. I should welcome if anybody can tell me what the name of the pack was. I expect that the second part is 'Whist', but what can the beginning of '...lier' (or '...dier' or whatever else) be?

Update: I have received an explanation from Jánoska Antal, thanks. The cards were called 'Feinste Kavalier-Whist'.

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