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Nemzeti Rummy (National Rummy)

The 'National Rummy', also distributed as 'National Poker', was published around 1930 by Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne in Budapest. The name of the maker is on an extra card:
The pack got its name because the Kings show historical Hungarian kings:
Clubs: Szent István (Stephen I), 975-1038, reigned 997-1038
Spades: Arpád, c.845-c.907, reigned c.895-c.907
Hearts: Nagy Lajos (Louis of Hungary), 1326-1382, reigned 1342-1382
Diamonds: Mátyás (Matthias I), 1443-1490, reigned 1458-1490
The Queens are supposed to be historical Hungarian queens, and the Jacks are Hungarian soldiers from different times.
The Aces show views from Hungary:
Clubs: Királyi Vár (Royal fortress in Budapest) / Vajdahunjad (Castle in Buda)
Spades: Tihany (Abbey) / Esztergom (Basilica)
Hearts: Lillafüred (Palace Hotel) / Pécz (Cathedral)
Diamonds: Lánchíd (Chain bridge in Budapest) / Országház (Parliament building in Budapest)

A modern version of this pack has been published in 1991. It has a smaller size.

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