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Carte da Giuoco Nazionali

In 1916 the Istituto Editoriale Italiano in Milano issued a pack with caricatures of participant countries of the First World War. The editor's name is on the Ace of Hearts. The cards were designed by Enrico Sacchetti (1877 - 1967).

The suits are assigned to the following countries
Clubs:  Turkey
Spades:  Austria
Hearts:  Bulgaria
Diamonds:  Germany
These are the countries that formed the so-called 'Central Powers', Italy was on the side that fought against those.
The Kings are the leaders of the country (Mehmet V. Rezat, Franz Joseph I., Ferdinand I., Wilhelm II.), the Queens are women in traditional dress, and the Jacks are soldiers.

Note that the Kings and Jacks also have Latin suit signs in the design. That is because they come from a companion Latin-suited pack that had Cavaliers instead of the Queens used here.

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