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Cartolina Postale - Giuoco delle Carte

This is not a pack of playing-cards but a folding double postcard. It was printed in 1915 and shows rulers and military leaders of four of the allied forces in WWI. The dating results from the facts that Italy entered the war only in 1915, and John French (on the Jack of Clubs) was Commander-in-Chief only until December 1915.

The people shown are:
Clubs: King    GIORGIO V, George V, King of Great Britain
  Queen    MARY, his wife
  Jack    FRENCH, John French, Commander-in-Chief of the 'British Expeditionary Force'
Spades: King    NICOLA II, Nikolaus II, Tsar of Russia
  Queen    FEDOROVNA, Alexandra Fyodorovna, his wife
  Jack    GRANDUCA NICOLA, Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian forces
Hearts: King    VITT. EMANUELE III, Victor Emanuel III, King of Italy
  Queen    ELENA, his wife
  Jack    CADORNA, Luigi Cadorna, Commander-in-Chief of the Italian forces
Diamonds: King    POINCARÉ, Raymond Poincaré, President of France
  Queen    REP. FRANCESE, Marianne as symbol of the French Republic
  Jack    JOFFRE, Joseph Joffre, Commander-in-Chief of the French forces

The postcard was printed by Alfieri & Lacroix in Milano. The two sides of the postcard are shown at the bottom. On the card, the Italians are arranged in the top row.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 June 2011