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Hanafuda (Flower cards)

This pack is only marginally part of my collection, as I mainly collect packs with suit-signs. I like it so much that I want to show it here, too. It is a Japanese Hanafuda pack (flower cards).

I regret I do not know who produced the cards. Presumably one of the Japanese characters on the box or on the cards indicates that. The big red character on the box is repeated in the lower left of the second card for April (fourth row). The cards are probably from around 1960. The size of the cards is approximately 53 x 33.5 mm.

There are twelve quadruples, representing a month and a flower or plant that is associated:
Februaryplum blossom
Marchcherry blossom
Julybush clover
Augustsuzuki grass
September  chrysanthemum

The two cards on the right of each row have a higher value. You can find details and more information at Wikipedia. There is also a list of the games that can be played with these cards, with some links.

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