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Supra Fijne Speelkaarten

This pack was published around 1860 by Gustav Lenssen in Maastricht and sold as
The publisher's name is on the King of Clubs. There are strong indications that the cards were printed by F. A. Lattmann in Goslar.

The Aces show views from different cities in the Netherlands.
Clubs: Scheveningen / S'Gravenhage
Spades: Middelburg / Leeuwarden
Hearts: Dordrecht / Rotterdam
Diamonds: Zaandam / Amsterdam

The Kings are princes from the Netherlands, and the Queens and Jacks wear costumes from different Dutch provinces.
Clubs: Prins Frederik Hendrik
Eiland Marken
Spades: Prins Willem III
Noord Brabant
Hearts: Prins Maurits
Zuid Holland
Diamonds: Prins Willem I
Eiland Marken

Note that Prins Willem I on the King of Diamonds has the motto "Aurea Libertas" (Golden Freedom) on his flag. Almost identical packs have been made by some makers from Belgium.

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