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T'ien-chiu p'ai (Domino Cards)

These are Chinese Domino cards, presumably made in Hongkong. The maker is possibly shown on the cards:
This might mean 'Shu Yang Xin Zao' and 'Paradise in Hongkong'. I am not sure though whether this is an indication of the maker

On the box (which is regrettably only there in parts) the pack is called
This means 'Fifteen Lakes' (Hú wushí) and it is a popular game for three or four players which uses such Domino cards.

The previous owner dated the cards to 'around 1900'. This is certainly too early. I should have guessed 'around 1930'. But I have found a text on the box which possibly translates to 'in the 28th year of the country'. If that refers to the Republic China it would be 1940, so that the cards were made after that year.

The 21 cards shown are one set. The pack consists of four identical sets so that there are 84 cards in total in the pack.

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