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Miniature Pack from Uruguay

These cards were produced in Uruguay, most probably around 1940. The cards show a Spanish pattern, and they were printed by Mendez; the name is on the Four of Cups. The cards were possibly distributed in cigarette packs.

The interesting thing are the backs, they all show faces of men. Some of the pictures have been used on more than one card. I suspect that there have been cards with other illustrations on the backs.

Many of the men shown are players of the Urugayan national soccer team that won the first World Soccer Championship in 1930, and also the Copa América (America Cup) in 1935. The strange thing is that not all members of the winning teams are present. This may be due to the pack not being a really 'complete' set.

Another famous man shown is Carlos Gardel, a tango singer and composer. He is on the One and Twelve of Coins.

© Peter Endebrock, 01 March 2010