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German-suited cards from Russia ('Trappola')

These cards were produced starting from 1863 by the Playing-Card Factory of the Imperial Foundling Hospitals in St. Petersburg/Russia. They are often called 'Trappola', but a real Trappola pack actually looks similar to this Czech pack that I am showing.

You will note that two cards are missing in my pack (Eight of Acorns and Ten of Bells). I have replaced them by copies from my archive. There are Sixes belonging to each suit; they are shown in the bottom line.

There is a 'tax stamp' on the Deuce of Bells. It is not a proper tax stamp but a stamp indicating that a fee for the Imperial Foundling Hospital had been paid.

Note that there are at least two modern reprints of this pack.

© Peter Endebrock, 02 Feb. 2016