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These cards were produced c. 1910 by the Trinacria Playing Card Co. in Chicago, U.S.A. The name is on the One of Coins, and on that card there is also the notice 'Copyright applied for, 1910'. That is my reason for dating the pack to that time.

The cards show the 'Sicilian pattern', for which the vignettes on the pip cards are typical. Here the dog on the Five of Swords has a paper in his mouth with the letters 'AM', which might be the initials of the designer. The man on the central coin of the Five of Coins is Garibaldi, and the man on the coins of the Two of Coins is King Vittorio Emmanuele II. The court cards stand on a differently coloured base in all suits: green for the Kings, yellow for the Knights, and red for the Pages.

Update: I initially was not sure where the cards were made, in Italy or the U.S.A., but now I have learnt that the maker was situated in Chicago, as mentioned above. The cards were not made for export to the U.S.A. but they were made there for the immigrated Italians.

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