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References on Tax Stamps for Great Britain

Berry, John
Playing-cards of the World
John Berry, Bromley, 1995
ISBN 0-9526768-0-X

pp. IV/1 - IV/5 describe and show "tax-marks on English playing-cards"
text in English.

Berry, John
Taxation on Playing-cards in England from 1711 to 1960
IPCS Papers No. 3, IPCS, Colchester, 2001
ISSN 0305-2133

Laws concerning taxation of playing-cards, tax stamps, duty aces, and tax wrappers are described and illustrated in detail.
text in English.

Booth, R.G.
A Catalogue of the Revenue Stamps of the U.K., Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Eire
Second Edition, Vol. 2(II)
Tim Clutterbuck & Co., Hexham, 1982
ISBN 0-9505477-3-5

(no information available)
text in English.

Hargrave, Catherine Perry
A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1930
reprinted by Dover Publications, Inc., 1966

pp. 181 - 186 describe the tax legislation and the tax stamps and duty aces used in Great Britain; several duty aces are illustrated.
text in English.

Kaiser, John Boynton, and Samuel, Marcus
British Playing Card Stamp Duties and Their Authorized Stamps
The American Philatelic Society, State College, 1960

(no information available)
text in English.

Mann, Sylvia
Collecting English Playing-Cards
Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd., 1978
ISBN 0-85259-046-6

pp. 6 - 12 give information on playing-card taxes in Great Britain and illustrate several tax stamps and duty aces.
text in English.

Tanner, M. J.
Great Britain Playing Card Tax Wrappers 1883-1960
The Revenue Society, 2007
with an appendix: Waddington End of Duty Playing Card Labels, by Chris Tennant

taxation of playing-cards with tax wrappers after 1883 is described and illustrated in detail.
text in English.

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