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References on Tax Stamps for Italy

Biani, Romano
Manuale storico dei bolli, punzoni e tasse sulle carte da gioco in Italia dal 1861 al 1972
Biblioteca Classense, Ravenna, 2002

describes and shows playing-card tax stamps from Italy from 1861 to 1972. Most items are illustrated. This is a practically complete description for that period.
text in Italian.

De Giorgio, Nicola Antonio
La legislazione delle carte da gioco a Milano nel periodo Napoleonico e durante il Regno Lombardo Veneto
in: The Playing-Card. Vol. 49, No. 3, Jan. - March 2021, pp. 99 - 111

describes and shows playing-card tax stamps from Milano. Everything is illustrated.
text in Italian.

De Magistris, Paolo
Catalogo Generale delle Marche da Bollo Italiane - Stati Antichi Italiani
Compagnia dei Librai, undated (?)

describes and shows tax stamps from Italy, among them those for playing-cards.
text in Italian.

Kaplan, Stuart R.
The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume II
U.S. Games Systems, Inc., New York 10016, U.S.A., 1986
ISBN 0-913866-36-9

pp. 245 - 249 show tax stamps used in Italy and its states.
text in English.

Milano, Alberto
Tax Stamps used in Lombardy
in: Journal of the Playing-Card Society, Vol. VI, No. 4, May 1978, pp. 105 - 110

describes tax legislation and shows tax stamps in use in Lombardy from 1802 to c. 1860, together with information on later times.
text in English.

Milano, Alberto
Financial Legislation on Tuscany Playing-Cards from the Beginning of the 17th Century to the Unification
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. X, No. 3, Feb. 1982, pp. 102 - 106

describes tax legislation in Tuscany from c. 1570 to 1860.
text in English.

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