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References on Tax Stamps for Portugal

Assis Teixeira de Magalhães, Antonio de
Legislação portugueza sobre imposto do sêllo
Coimbra, 1902

contains the laws on stamp taxes in Portugal until 1902, among them the regulations related to playing-cards.
text in Portuguese.

Dahl, John
Portugal Playing Card Tax - Imposto do cartas de jogar
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 39, No. 1, July - Sep. 2010, p. 60 - 62

treats taxes on playing-cards in Portugal from 1838, with a lot of illustrations.
text in English.

Frazão, Fernanda
História das Cartas de Jogar em Portugal e da Real Fábrica de Cartas de Lisboa do séc. XV até à actualidada
Lisboa, 2010

on pp. 181 - 187 is a description of playing-card taxes in Portugal, mainly a detailed table with dates and values, together with illustrations of the stamps.
text in Portuguese.

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