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References on Tax Stamps for Argentina

Akerman, Clive
Taxes on Playing-Cards in Argentina
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 33, No. 2, Oct./Dec. 2004, pp. 81 - 88

contains information on playing-card tax laws and sealing stamps for the playing-card boxes; with a lot of illustrations.
text in English.

Garcia Martin, Enrique
Timbres Sobre Naipes
in: La Sota, No. 17, 1997

contains information on tax stamps in Argentina (and Uruguay), together with illustrations.
text in Spanish.

Marotta, Florencia
Sellados e impuestos en naipes argentinos 1892 - 1968
guía para la catalogación de naipes argentinos
Buenos Aires, 2007

contains information on tax legislation, tax stamps, and tax bands used in Argentina, with many colour illustrations.
text in Spanish.

Wintle, Simon and Peña, Arnoldo Diego
Argentinian Playing-Cards: Part 1, Art and Politics
in: The Playing-Card Vol. XXIX, No. 5, March/April 2001, pp. 187 - 199

pp. 190 - 195 describe taxation on playing-cards in Argentina and show examples of tax stamps and tax bands.
text in English.
An extended version of the description can be found on Simon's Impuestos Internos sobre Naipes page.

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