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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Cuba

Similar to the U.S.A., Cuba did not use stamps on a card, but adhesive stamps on the package.

This stamp was in use from 1903 to 1905 for cards produced and sold on the island.


This stamp was in use during the same time for imported cards.
(scanned by Dave Backovitch)

The two examples above are specimens. When actually used, they were cancelled by a printed stamp.
(scanned by Donn Lueck)
I have been told that the tax on playing-cards was discontinued from 1905 to 1931.

This is a stamp in use after 1931 for imported cards.
If I see it correct, the stamp was originally for matches ('FOSFOROS'). The overprinted text is 'HABILITACION PROVISIONAL', 'LEY 29 ENERO 1931', 'UN JUEGO DE NAIPES', and twice the value of '30 Cts.'.
(scanned by Donn Lueck)


This is another part of a stamp in use from 1931 for imported cards.
This stamp seems originally to have been for cigars or cigarettes ('CIGA...'). The overprint is the same as on the stamp before.
I have seen a similar band in blue (or green) colour with the additional text '(Pais)', which shows that it was used for locally made cards.


This stamp was in use after 1935 for locally made cards.
The left part isn't from the same box, I got it from Simon Wintle, but I am pretty sure that this is what the left part should have looked like, because Simon has a matching right end with the same 'NAIPES' overprint as here.
The stamp was originally for tobacco ('TABACOS'). The red overprint says 'HABILITADO DECRETO LEY No. 173', 'No. 12. 23 DE AGOSTO 1935 Serie B.', and 'NAIPES'.


This stamp is from around 1940.
It was for imported playing-cards ('POR JUEGO DE NAIPES', 'IMPORTACION').
(scanned by Walter Haas)


This is a stamp in use around 1950.
It was again for imported playing-cards ('POR JUEGO DE NAIPES', 'IMPORTACION'). The overprint reduces the value from 30 to 5 centavos.

© Peter Endebrock, 09 Oct. 2006