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Extra stamps from Germany from WWI

During WWI there were extra stamps in Germany for packs intended for the German troops. These cards were tax-privileged. Below are a few of these stamps, but there were a lot more.

This additional stamp has the text 'ROTES KREUZ' and 'MANNHEIM'.


Here I cannot read the complete text. It seems to end with '...verein vom Rothen Kreuz' (... society of the red cross).
(scanned by Rudolf Hasenpflug)


The text on this stamp is rather blurred. What can definitely be seen is 'Inspekteurs' and 'Krankenpflege'.


The text on this stamp is 'Vaterländischer Frauen-Verein', and it went together with a normal German tax stamp which was somewhere else on the card.
(from a scan by Paul Symons)


This is a special stamp with the text 'STEMPELFREI' ('free of tax'). I do not know what the '20' stands for.
(scanned by André Müller)

© Peter Endebrock, 26 Jan. 2019