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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Denmark

This stamp was in use in Denmark presumably from around 1750 to c. 1800.
(from a museum collection)


This stamp was in use in Denmark from 1890 to c. 1918.
An identical stamp in red colour was in use before that, from c. 1830 to 1890, and from c. 1918 to c. 1940, the same stamp was printed in green colour.


This stamp was in use from c. 1940 to 1949.
It has a wider shield and a more simple crown than the stamp before.

The stamp was on the Ace of Diamonds.

In addition, the packaging of playing-cards was sealed with a tax band. From 1900, adhesive stamps replaced the seals.

This stamp was in use from 1900 to c. 1914 for imported cards, more accurate from 1905 to c. 1914. This can be seen by the extra line on the right side of the bottom part of the shield, the coat-of-arms of Holstein.
The cancellation is 'KØBENHAVN' (for the place of the stamp office) and an unreadable letter. The letter indicates the year when the cards were stamped.


This stamp was in use from c. 1913 to 1936 for imported cards.
It differs from the previous one by the wider border ornaments.
The cancellation is 'København' and 'G', which dates this stamp to 1927.


This stamp was in use from c. 1913 to 1936 for locally made cards.
It is identical in design to the previous one.


This stamp was in use from 1936 to c. 1942 for imported cards.
The difference in the design is the dot in the coat-of-arms of Holstein in the lower part of the Danish coat-of-arms.

From 1933 to c. 1942, the stamps above were used in pairs as the tax had doubled.

This stamp is identical to the previous single one, but it has a value overprint of '2 Kr.', and it was in use c. 1942 to 1949.


This stamp was in use from 1949 to 1963. The use of adhesive stamps stopped in that year.
The text is 'STEMPELAFGIFT AF SPILLEKORT' (stamp tax on playing-cards), 'DANMARK' (both two times), and the value is '2 Kr.' (Kroner).

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