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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Algeria

Algeria had for some time a tax on playing-cards when it was a part of France.

This stamp was introduced in Algeria in 1912 and used until 1940.


This stamp was in use in Algeria in 1941.
The text is again 'RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE', and 'ALGÉRIE'. The stamp is very similar to the previous one, but the design is slightly different, and the colour is brown.


Like in France, cards used in casinos were stamped with the same stamp in red colour.


This stamp is said to have been used in Algeria from 1940 to 1944, but actually it was probably from after 1941.
(scanned by Pascal Pette)

The stamp was on the Ace of Spades for French-suited cards (as opposed to the French homeland, where it was on the Ace of Clubs) and on the Two of Swords for Latin-suited cards.

Like in the France homeland, thin paper bands (bandes de côntrole) on the packaging were used.

The middle part says 'ALGERIE' / 'CARTES A JOUER' / 'CONTRIBUTIONS DIVERSES'. This is an example from c. 1920 for 'CARTES AUX Portaits Etrangers AUTRES QUE le Portrait Espagnol' (which as seen from Algeria might be - and in this case is - a standard French pattern). The right side says 'CARTES au Portrait Français' / 'Jeux de plus de 36 Cartes', and the value is 'Impôt 1 fr 25'. The part with the 25 cents is missing, but I know that they have been there.

The middle part again says 'ALGERIE' / 'CARTES A JOUER' / 'CONTRIBUTIONS DIVERSES'. This is an example from 1941 for 'CARTES au portait français', printed on the left side. The right side says 'JEUX de 36 cartes et au dessous' / 'IMPOT : 1 fr 00'. On the right side is an overprint in red ink '+ 0,03'.
The stamp on the Ace of Spades of this pack is the second 'RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE' stamp shown above.

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