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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Finland

Finland started taxation of playing-cards in 1842.

This stamp was used in Finland on a sealing band for the packs around 1860, and on the Ace of Diamonds around 1890.
The text is 'KRONO KORT STÄMPEL.', which should mean 'The Crown's Card Stamp' (in Swedish).
(from a scan by Walter Haas)


This stamp was in use in Finland probably c. 1910.
The text is 'KRUUNUN KORTILEIMA.' and 'KRONOKORTSTÄMPEL.', which is 'The Crown's Card Stamp' (in Finnish and Swedish).
(scanned by Sasha Sukhorukov)


This stamp was in use in Finland probably c. 1950.
The text is 'PELIKORTTILEIMA - SPELKORTSSTÄMPEL', which means 'playing-card stamp' in Finnish and Swedish.

The stamps were on the Ace of Diamonds.

In addition, adhesive bands were used to seal the playing-card packs.

This band was in use presumably around 1920.
(scanned by Paul A. Nelson)

This band was in use around 1930.

This band was in use from c. 1960 until 1983, when taxes on playing-cards were abandoned in Finland. Note the slightly different design when compared to the previous band.
(scanned by Donn Lueck)

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