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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Luxemburg

The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg never had a playing-card tax, so they did not have tax stamps on cards. Nevertheless you can find cards with a Luxemburg stamp. These stamps were used because Germany had asked for them. The idea was to inhibit illegal re-import to Germany with fake tax stamps.

This is a stamp used from 1905 to 1911.
The text is 'Grossh. Luxemburg' (for 'Grand Duchy Luxemburg') and a control number ('9').
(from a scan by José Luiz G. Pagliari)


This stamp was used after 1911.
The text is 'Großh. Luxemburg' (for 'Grand Duchy Luxemburg'), 'in Deutschland steuerpflichtig' ('subject to taxation in Germany'), and a control number ('6').

The stamp was on the Ace of Hearts.

© Peter Endebrock, 09 Sep. 2002