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Playing-card Tax Stamps in Serbia

In the Kingdom of Serbia, a tax stamp was used on the box and on the cards.

This is a stamp in use for playing-cards c. 1908.
The value is 5 Dinars, and it was used for packs with 52 cards, if I can see that correctly.
(scanned by Donn Lueck)


This is a stamp used on the playing-cards, most probably also around 1908.
It is the same stamp as on the band above.
(scanned by Ralph Scotoni)

The wet stamp shown above was on the Ace of Hearts.

After WWI, the Kingdom of Serbia was united with Croatia and Slovenia and became the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, and later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. You can see playing-card tax stamps from that time on the Yugoslavia page.

© Peter Endebrock, 23 Oct. 2011