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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Thailand

This is a stamp from U.S.P.C.Co. used for cards exported to Thailand. The Thai tax stamp is the red stamp in the middle. I regret that I cannot read it. The stamp was probably used around 1960.


This is another stamp from U.S.P.C.Co. used for cards exported to Thailand. I have always seen this and the previous stamp offered together. I wonder whether they were used as a pair.

This is an adhesive stamp that I also have in two parts on a playing-card box from c.1965.
I cannot read the inscription, but it carries a similar red tax stamp. You will recognize it in the right part of the adhesive stamp.

This is the red stamp. Please be aware that it is only 8 by 8 mm! It is also hand-stamped on each card of the pack in the box.

This is another adhesive stamp that was on the same playing-card box as the stamp from c.1965 shown before.

This is an adhesive stamp that was used on packs with imported cards, probably around 1980.

This is a tobacco and cigarette taxband from Thailand, but it was also used for playing-cards sold in Thailand around 1995.
(scanned by Andrea Pollett)

This is a taxband used for several packs of Chinese playing-cards packed together. You can see the front and back of the complete band by clicking on the picture.
(scanned by Andrea Pollett)

These are two later Aces of Spades from packs produced by the Thai playing-card factory for the government monopoly.
(right Ace scanned by Ken Lodge)

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