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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Tunisia

This stamp was in use in Tunesia sometime before 1957. The text is 'ROYAUME DE TUNIS' ('Kingdom of Tunesia').

In Tunisia, playing-cards are now sold by the national monopoly in tobacco shops. They have (or at least used to have) an imprint on them.

This is an older imprint which has the text 'REGENCE TUNISIE' ('Government of Tunesia') and 'MONOPOLE TABACS'. I do not know when it was in use.

These imprints are supposed to mean 'Tobacco Tunisia'. They were presumably in use around 1970. The imprint was sometimes accompanied by the text 'MONOPOLES'.

There was another imprint with the meaning 'Al masna'u at tibgu kairuan' (Tobacco Factory at Kairouan). This was probably also in use around 1970.

The stamp and imprints were on the Ace of Diamonds.

The backs of the cards also sometimes made reference to the playing-card monopoly.

These are three examples of such backs, there are others as well.
The letters are 'RMT' for 'Régie Monopole Tunisie', 'RT' presumably for 'Régie Tunisie'.
(left clip scanned by Pascal Pette, right clip scanned by Jens Meder)

© Peter Endebrock, 09 Feb. 2009