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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Turkey

This is a revenue stamp that was presumably used for sealing playing-card packs in Turkey. It was cancelled in 1906 in 'Constantinople'.
The overprint says 'oyun kagitlarina mahsustur' ('reserved for playing-cards'). The value of this stamp is 5 para (?).


This is another revenue stamp that was used for sealing playing-card packs in Turkey. It was also in use c.1905.
The overprint says again 'oyun kagitlarina mahsustur' ('reserved for playing-cards'). The value of this stamp is 10 para (?).


This is one of the revenue stamps above with a different overprint. It was in use c.1912.
I have been told that the overprint mentions playing-cards. The value of this stamp is 5 para (?).

Later, playing-cards in Turkey used to have an imprint of the national monopoly, either on every card, or at least on one of the Aces. That stopped around 1985 (at least for some time); I have a pack bought in Turkey in 1988 that has no imprint on it.

This imprint is from c. 1980, but it had been in use earlier (presumably c. 1970).
The letters are 'T. C. - O. K. M.', that is for 'Türkiye Cumhuriyeti - Oyun Kâgitlari Monopolü' (Turkish Republic - Playing-Card Monopoly).


This is the same imprint together with a stamp, presumably from c. 1970.
The text of the stamp is 'T. C.' and 'OYUN KÂGITLARI INHISARI', the last is another word of 'Monopoly'.


This is almost the same stamp, but without the imprint. I cannot date it.
The difference to the stamp before is that it is more blurred, and there is only one outer ring.


After c. 1990 there was an imprint again, this time with 'T.M O.K', which I guess to stand for 'Türkiye Monopolü - Oyun Kâgitlari'.
(scanned by Jens Meder)

There were also bands to seal the packs. These changed over time, but I cannot really date them. I have seen them together with or without the imprints and stamps shown above. There are also other bands than those shown here.

This is most probably the earliest Band I have. It is incomplete, lacking a part on the right end.
The value is 15 Turkish Liras, and the text starts with 'T. C. Kizilay Dernegi Oyun Kagidi', most probably 'Monopolu' is missing.

The following bands all carry some form of the texts 'Türkiye Kizilay Dernegi' (Turkish Red Halfmoon, the equivalent to the Red Cross), 'Oyun Kagidi Monopolu' (the playing-card monopoly), 'Bric Oyun Kagidi' (Bridge cards), and 'isletme vergisi dahil fiyati' (price including tax) in TL (Turkish Lira).


This is a band shows a value of 17,25 Turkish Liras.


This band also shows a value of 17,25 Turkish Liras, but the text is modified and arranged differently.


On this band the value has risen to 309 Turkish Liras. The text has changed again; part of the (blank) left end is missing.

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