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Playing-Card Tax Stamps from the Virgin Islands (U.S.)

(The information on this page comes from the late Bill Gerlach)

On the Virgin Islands, revenue stamps from the U.S.A. with a red overprint 'VIRGIN ISLANDS' and a different value, also marked by the overprint, were used on the packaging.

This stamp was in use from 1920. The value is '4 CTS.' while in the U.S.A. the value was 8 cents at that time, also as an overprint.
(scanned by the late Bill Gerlach)


This stamp was in use from 1926, with a value '4 cts.'.
(scanned by the late Bill Gerlach)


This perforated stamp similar to the one before was in use from 1934, again with a value '4 cts.'. The tax in the U.S.A. at that time was 10 cents, with the stamp showing the value.


This stamp is the same as above, but it was not used for playing-cards, but for tobacco taxes. This is shown by the black handstamp '33 Bt', which is for '33 Bit'. Other handstamps with different 'Bit' values are known.
They were in use sometime around 1930, when there was a shortage of tobacco tax stamps.
(scanned by the late Bill Gerlach)

© Peter Endebrock, 31 Oct. 2001