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Unidentified Playing-Card Tax Stamps

This page shows stamps which I could not yet identify. Please send any information you may have to the address in the bottom line. Your help is much appreciated.

When a stamp has been identified, I shall keep it here for some time together with a pointer, so that you can find out where it went.

This is a strange stamp presumably from Albania or Montenegro, most probably from around 1912 to 1915.
The basic stamp is from Turkey, it is shown as the second stamp on the Turkey page.
There are two overprints: one is 'Kraljevina Crna Gora' ('Kingdom Montenegro') in Cyrillic letters, the other is 'Albanien Oe. U. M. O.'. I guess that 'Oe. U.' stands for 'Oesterreich Ungarn' (Austro-Hungaria), but I have no idea what the 'M. O.' stands for.
When reading about history in that region I guess that the Turkish stamp was overprinted in Montenegro and then again (later) in Albania.
(scanned by Ulrich Knüpfer)


I am not sure that this is a tax stamp (or tax exemption stamp).
It is on a German pack, and the text is the name of the maker 'Spielkarten-Fabrik Halle (Saale)', and 'Ausland' ('foreign country'). This looks like a stamp for export packs, but I have never heard of such.
(scanned by Rudolf Hasenpflug)


This stamp is on the Ace of Spades of an animal tarot pack made in Hannover at the end of the 18th century.
There is a date '1729', but it could not yet be attributed to any German state.


This stamp is on the Ace of Spades of an animal tarot pack by an unknown maker, most probably produced in Northern Germany at the beginning of the 19th century.
The value is '6 ggl', which stands for '6 Gutegroschen'. There is no other clue.
(scanned by Walter Haas)

Please note also the unidentified Italian tax stamps page and the overprints on tax stamps in Austria that I cannot explain

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