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Französische Spiel-Karte

These cards were printed c. 1885 by Wezel & Naumann, Leipzig, and published by T. O. Weigel in Leipzig. The name of the publisher is on the Eight of Hearts (not shown here), that of the printer in some versions (not here) on the Eight of Diamonds. The pack was called

The cards were designed by Emil Döpler d. J., his initials ED are on all Aces and on the back. The pack was originally made for a games collection presented to the German Crown-Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm (the later Friedrich III), and his wife Victoria on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary. It was the companion pack to the Deutsche Spiel-Karte.

The illustrations in the different suits symbolize
Clubs: science
Spades: the art of warfare
Hearts: love
Diamonds: music

The back shows the Prussian eagle together with the coats of arms of Friedrich-Wilhelm and Victoria. Note the tax stamp with the number 1 (for Berlin); most of the packs have a tax stamp with number 59 (for Leipzig). There are also editions with 52 cards.

From around 1977 the pack was re-edited as Luxus Skatkarten by F. X. Schmid with a different back. The original copy they used had the tax stamp No. 59.

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