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Playing-card Tax Stamps in Colombia

In Colombia, adhesive stamps were used to seal the packages.

According to the description of the pack COL2 in the Cary collection, the stamp used c. 1930 had the text "VEINTE CENTAVOS / 20 / REPUBLICA DE COLOMBIA / IMPOSTO DE CONSUMO". I have seen such a stamp (in blue) on a later pack, but I have no scan.

In 1946, the tax was doubled to 40 Centavos in a law on consumption taxes (Ley 69). At least in the first time, two of the old stamps were used together for one pack. I have seen that, but I neither have a scan.

Later, the stamp was changed and had a value of 40 Centavos.


This stamp was on a pack with 40 cards. It was probably used around 1955.
The text is 'REPUBLICA DE COLOMBIA' and 'IMPUESTO DE CONSUMO' (consumption tax); the value is 'CUARENTA CENTAVOS' (40 centavos).

Obviously, the tax was increased again later:


These are two stamps that were on one pack with 40 cards. They were used around 1965.
The text is 'REPUBLICA DE COLOMBIA' and 'IMPUESTO DE TIMBRE PARA NAIPES' (stamp tax for playing-cards), and the value is 'CUARENTA CENTAVOS' (40 centavos). Note that this stamp is intended explicitly for playing-cards, as opposed to the previous one.

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