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The International Playing-Card Society

I have been a member of the I.P.C.S. for many years now, and I always liked it. It helped a lot to get information on different aspects related to playing-cards.

The International Playing-Card Society (I.P.C.S.) is an international association of researchers, collectors and other people interested in playing-cards. You can find more information about the I.P.C.S. on their web pages:
I.P.C.S. Home Page.

Since mid-2006, I am the editor of The Playing-card, the quarterly journal of the I.P.C.S. Please contact me at editor(at)i-p-c-s.org if you want information about the journal (and you cannot find it on the I.P.C.S. web site), or if you want to contribute to the journal. Articles by non-members are welcome.

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