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My publications related to playing-cards

(in descending order of publication date)

I. E. Krieger in Stuttgart – ein Spielkartenfabrikant?
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 58, Dez. 2018, S. 66 - 69
Discussion of a partial printing sheet by I. E. Krieger from Stuttgart.

Baron de Wrede est prié de diner chez … - Spielkarten als Essenseinladungen
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 58, Dez. 2018, S. 13 - 27
An extended German version of a description of dinner invitations on the backs of playing-cards found in Melschede Castle.

Playing-cards in the Municipal Archives of Werl (with Michael Jolk, Sigmar Radau)
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 47, No. 1, July - Sep. 2018, pp. 21 - 28
A slightly modified English version of the description of playing-cards and fragments that were used for spine reinforcement of documents in the 18th century in the Municipal Archives of Werl.

Kartenmacher, Spielkartensteuer und andere Mitteilungen. Band 2.
Die Gebiete unter französischer Verwaltung und französischem Einfluss in Deutschland 1794 bis 1814
(with Sigmar Radau)
Studien zur Spielkarte 40, Berlin, 2018
Information on playing-card tax related legislation, on playing-card makers and some playing-cards produced in German regions under the influence of Napoleon or belonging to France during his time (and some earlier information).

Dinner Invitations on Playing-Cards
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 46, No. 4, Apr. - June 2018, pp. 189 - 197
Description of dinner invitations on the backs of playing-cards found in Melschede Castle.

Ein Kriegsgefangenenspiel?
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 57, Mai 2018, S. 104 - 108
Description of two packs that were presumably made by a German PoW. One pack shows costumes from different eras, the other pack costumes from different countries.

Spielkarten im Stadtarchiv Werl (with Michael Jolk, Sigmar Radau)
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 57, Mai 2018, S. 17 - 25
Description of playing-cards and fragments that were used for spine reinforcement of documents in the 18th century in the Municipal Archives of Werl.

"... nebst nothwendigsten Anstands- und Klugheitsregeln" – Regelbücher für Kartenspiele
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 57, Mai 2018, S. 1 - 16
Overview of older rule books for card games with suggestions of how to behave when gaming.

Werkmeister Albrecht in Braunschweig
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 56, Dez. 2017, S. 31 - 46
About the difficulties of the playing-card maker master workman Joseph Xaver Albrecht from Freiburg in Baden to settle down permanently in Braunschweig (Brunswick).

Spielkarten im Großherzogtum Oldenburg
Studien zur Spielkarte 39, Hannover, 2017
Information on playing-card tax related legislation in the Grand-Duchy Oldenburg, on playing-card makers there and the (few known) playing-cards produced.

Spielkarten in Braunschweig (with Sigmar Radau)
Studien zur Spielkarte 38, Berlin, 2017
Information on playing-card tax related legislation in Braunschweig (Brunswick), on playing-card makers there and a catalogue of the playing-cards produced by them.

Ein schönes Kartenspiel für junge und alte Republikaner
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 54, Dez. 2016, S. 38 - 47
'A nice pack of cards for young and old Republicans' was published in 1920 on a double page of a number of the German magazine Jugend. These political satyrical cards are described.

Streit um eine Konzession - Lattmann und Lauensteins Erben in Goslar
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 53, Mai 2016, S. 1 - 24
When the cardmaker Lauenstein in Goslar died, several people applied for the concession. It is explained what happened in detail and why both Lattmann and Lauensteins Erben got a concession. Cards from both companies are shown.

Playing-card taxes in New Zealand
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 44, No. 3, Jan. - Mar. 2016, pp. 210 - 219
Information about the duty on playing-cards in New Zealand and examples of the stamps used.

Witwe Stövesand aus Peine
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 52, Dez. 2015, S. 1 - 14
About the application of the widow Stövesand from Peine as a cardmaker in Dessau, and a description of the sheets she submitted (made by her foreman J. M. Schwartz).

Otto Spalinger - an artist and his playing-cards
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 43, No. 4, Apr. - June 2015, pp. 217 - 219
Information about the Swiss artist Otto Spalinger and the three playing-card packs he designed: Convos Tarot, Mike Shiva Wahrsagekarten, and Wer passt zu Mir?.

Poker Cards – Deviations from the Standard
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 43, No. 2, Oct. - Dec. 2014, pp. 95 - 104
Description of three groups of unusual Poker cards: variations of the standard pattern (e. g. from Glogau), completely different cards, and cards with a different standard pattern.

Monarch Bicycle playing cards
in: Clear The Decks, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3, Sep. 2014, pp. 1 + 26
A description of what is shown on the 'Monarch Bicycle' advertising pack.

Card Games on Poster Stamps
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 43, No. 1, July - Sep. 2014, pp. 51 - 55
Description of some poster stamps showing people playing different card games.

Spielkarten aus dem Historischen Museum Frankfurt am Main - Eine Auswahl (with Sigmar Radau)
Studien zur Spielkarte 32, Berlin, 2014
A catalogue of a selection of the playing-cards in the Historical Museum in Frankfurt/Main, many of them new acquisitions since 1972, when Detlef Hoffmann's catalogue was published. The introductory part is a history of the makers that worked in the city.

in: Das Blatt, Nr. 48, Dez. 2013, S. 39 - 43
Description of a Lenormand pack made by Frommann & Bünte for the satyrical magazine 'Kladderadatsch' and playing-card tax evasion attempts.

Spielkartensteuer im Fürstentum Schaumburg-Lippe
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 48, Dez. 2013, S. 17 - 29
Description of the introduction of playing-card taxes in the principality Schaumburg-Lippe.

Zwei Tarocke aus Leipzig
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 47, Mai 2013, S. 30 - 51
Description of a 'Napoleon Tarock' and a later derived 'Tarock of the Wars of Liberation' made in Leipzig.

Verwechslungsgefahr bei französischen Farbzeichen
in: Der Alte, Nr. 16, 2012, S. 42 - 45
The results of a survey concerning the risk of confusing French suit-signs are discussed. The survey used modified signs for Hearts and for Diamonds.

Spielkarten von Werner & Hörnig, Lübeck
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 46, Dez. 2012, S. 81 - 90
Information about a design for playing-cards made for the printers Werner & Hörnig in Lübeck.

The Queen of my Heart
in: Clear The Decks, Vol. XXVI, No. 3, Sep. 2012, pp. 11 - 14
A description of postcards showing the 'Queen of my Heart' and similar subjects.

Ein Notiz- u. Skat-Kalender von 1906
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 45, Mai 2012, S. 37 – 42
Information about a 'Notes and Skat Calendar'.

Hildesheimer Spielkarten - neue Erkenntnisse
in: Hildesheimer Jahrbuch, Nr. 83, 2011, S. 223 - 230
Information about the playing-card makers from Hildesheim.

Johann Friedrich Schmidt in Norden
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 44, Dez. 2011, S. 75 - 80
Information about a playing-card maker in Norden (East Frisia) and the short history of his activity in the early 1800s.

Ein hannoverscher Spielkartenfabrikant im Königreich Westphalen
in: Hannoversche Geschichtsblätter N. F., Bd. 65, 2011, S. 177 - 193
The relation of the playing-card maker Johann Traugott Meyer from Hannover to the 'Royal General Stamp Administration' of the Kingdom of Westphalia, from 1810 to 1813.

Two trompe-l'œils with playing-cards
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 40, No. 1, July - Sep. 2011, pp. 33 - 37
Description of a trompe-l'œil from Denmark, and another from Germany, both with illustrations of playing-cards.

Neues zu einigen Miniatur-Spielen
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 43, Juni 2011, S. 43 - 48
Information about fortune telling cards that were made in Germany, with additional information related to packs with similar court cards described earlier ('Mystery Pack', see below).

Playing-card Taxes in Uruguay
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 39, No. 2, Oct. - Dec. 2010, pp. 80 - 85
Information on tax legislation for playing-cards in Uruguay, with some illustrations of the tax stamps.

Spielkarten im Fürstbistum Hildesheim
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 42, Dez. 2010, S. 26 - 57
History of playing-card making in the bishopric Hildesheim, the playing-card taxation there, the takeover by Prussia in 1802/1803, and illustrations of cards produced in Hildesheim.

Spielkarten aus Lüneburg - Spielkartensteuer und Kartenmacher (with Sigmar Radau)
Studien zur Spielkarte 22, Berlin, 2010
Description of the history of the playing-card factory Crato in Lüneburg, of legislation for playing-card taxes in the Principality Lüneburg and under later rule, and a catalogue of the cards produced by Crato.

Kinderwelt um 1935
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 41, Mai 2010, S. 44 -52
Description of an artist's Happy Families pack made by Fritz Husmann.

Spielkarten in Hannover
Studien zur Spielkarte 20, Hannover, 2009
Information on playing-card makers and playing-card tax related legislation in Hannover, and a catalogue of playing-cards produced in Hannover.

Taxes on Playing-Cards in the Republic of San Marino
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 38, No. 1, June - Sep. 2009, pp. 60 - 62
Information on tax legislation in San Marino, with some illustrations and a table of tax values.

Ein Tanzmeister will Kartenfabrikant werden
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 39, Mai 2009, S. 60 - 66
Description of the application of the dancing teacher Joseph Wimez for a concession as playing-card maker.

Reinigung von Spielkarten
in: Bulletin 1/2009 (of the Cartophilia Helvetica), S. 18 - 22
Annotated collection of information about the cleaning of playing-cards, among it a report about a playing-card laundry from 1905.

Der blinde König von Hannover und die Spielkarten
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 38, Dez. 2008, S. 22 - 37
A discussion of the statement that a certain pack of playing-cards has been made for Georg V, the last King of Hannover, and more information about card playing at the Royal Court in Hannover.

Rabouge - Geschichte, Spielregeln, Karten
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 37, Mai 2008, S. 41 - 50
This is an extended German version of an article published before in English, with information about Rabouge.

James MacKay's Cards
in: Clear The Decks, Vol. XXI, No. 4, Dec. 2007, pp. 18/19
Description of a hand-drawn pack that was made by James MacKay in 1940, probably in Canada.

Bürgers 1908 - "Drucksachen"
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 36, Dez. 2007, S. 62 - 65
A price list and samples of playing-card backs from the factory of Bürgers in Cologne from 1908.

Rabouge - History, Rules, Cards
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 35, No. 4, April-June 2007, pp. 248 - 254
As the title says, information about Rabouge. You can see some rule sets (in German Fraktur).

Bundestagswahlkampf 1953
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 35, Mai 2007, S. 53 - 68
The Skat pack published by the German Social Democrats for the campaign for the federal elections 1953 and the politicians and scenes shown on it are described.

Ein Miniaturkartenspiel aus Wels (Oberösterreich)
in: Talon, No. 16, 2007, S. 56 / 57
Description of a miniature pack that was most probably made around 1800 in Wels in Upper Austria.

Der deutsche Skat
in: Der Alte, Nr. 10, 2006, S. 7 / 8
This is a short article about a leaflet calling for the usage of German instead of French expressions in Skat, 'Der deutsche Skat', published during WWI.

Ein amerikanisches Miniatur-Spiel, seine europäischen Verwandten und viele Fragen
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 32, Dez. 2005, S. 34 - 41
This is a slightly modified version of the 'Mystery Pack' article in German language mentioned below.

Comment on Argentinian Tax Stamps
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. 33, No. 4, April-June 2005, pp. 226/227
These are comments on a previous article by Clive Akerman on Argentinian playing-card tax stamps, or better on tax bands for playing-card packs.

Vereinigte Staaten Spiel Karten USPC
in: Clear The Decks, Vol. XVII, No. 2, June 2003, pp. 15 - 17
This is a slightly modified version of the next article in English language.

Über die "Vereinigte Staaten Spielkarten"
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 26, Dez. 2002, S. 49 - 54
Description and comparison of different versions of the Vereinigte Staaten Spielkarten made by USPCC.

Ein handgezeichnetes Kartenspiel aus dem 1. Weltkrieg
in: Talon, No. 11, 2002, S. 45 - 52
Description of a handdrawn pack that was most probably made in fortress Przemysl during the first world war, together with some information on the historical background.

A Mystery Pack and its Companions
in: Clear The Decks, Vol. XVI, No. 1, March 2002, pp. 12 - 14, with a short supplement in No. 3, Sept. 2002, p. 3
Description and comparison of five versions of miniature cards that are based on an initial design most probably coming from a pack by Conrad Ludwig Wüst. The 'mystery pack' is made by Samuel Hart.

Die Herstellung von Spielkarten im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 22, Dez. 2000, S. 44 - 51
Description of publications from the 18th and 19th century concerned with playing-card manufacturing, and explanation of the techniques described in them.

Die "Deutsche Flottenkarte"
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 21, Juli 2000, S. 46 - 54
Description of two versions of the Deutsche Flottenkarte, and attempt to describe the circumstances of their production.

Playing-cards from Goslar
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. XXVIII, No. 6, May/June 2000, pp. 302 - 311
This is a modified and illustrated version of the next paper about playing-cards made in Goslar.

Playing-cards from Goslar
Presentation at the I.P.C.S. Convention 1999, Wroclaw
in: Conference Proceedings, pp. 44 - 53 (Paper in English and German)
A short history of playing-card makers in Goslar and a description of some of the cards produced there.

Spielkarten aus Goslar (with Sigmar Radau)
Studien zur Spielkarte 6, Berlin, 1999
A catalogue of the playing-cards produced in Goslar by Lattmann and other makers.

Die Spielkarte der Feinen Welt - noch einmal
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 18, Dez. 1998, S. 63 - 64
A short note on two versions of Lattmann's Spielkarte der Feinen Welt, differing in the Queen of Diamonds.

Spielkarten im Internet
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 16, Nov. 1997, S. 61 - 68
A summary of what you can find out about playing-cards, using the services of the Internet.

Die blaue Farbe
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 16, Nov. 1997, S. 59 - 60
A short note on a fifth suit for German-suited cards, the 'blue' suit.

Die Spielkartenfabrik Culemann in Hannover
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 15, Apr. 1997, S. 53 - 59
The history of the playing-card factory of Culemann in Hannover, from 1843 to 1887.

Was hat es mit "Gummi-Spielkarten" auf sich?
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 14, Dez. 1996, S. 55
A short note asking for the meaning of 'rubber' playing-cards, as mentioned in newspaper advertisements from around 1890.

Spielkarten des Historischen Museums 1770 - 1870
Besucherinformation, Historisches Museum Hannover, 1996
Accompanying leaflet to an exhibition of playing-cards in the Historisches Museum Hannover, from their collection.

Spielkarten 1770 bis 1870
in: Heimatland, Jg. 1996, Heft 2, S. 48 - 52
Description of playing-cards from the collection of the Historisches Museum in Hannover that were shown in an exhibition.

Aus den Anfängen der Spielkartenfabrik Crato in Lüneburg
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 12, Dez. 1995, S. 1 - 14
The first years (1788 to 1803) of the history of the playing-card factory Crato in Lüneburg.

I.P.C.S. Convention 1995, Conference Proceedings (Editor, with Daphne Tregear)
London, 1995
Proceedings with eight papers.

Playing-cards in the Historical Museum Hannover
Presentation at the I.P.C.S. Convention 1992, Veldhoven
Paper in English and German
Description of some of the more interesting decks in the collection of the museum.

Some Packs of German-Suited Children's Cards
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. XX, No. 3, Feb. 1992, pp. 94 - 103
Investigation of the relationship of some packs of German-suited children's playing-cards.

Eine Spielkartenfabrik in Hannover
in: Hannoversche Geschichtsblätter N. F., Bd. 45, 1991, S. 173 - 186
The history of the factory of Hegewald, Meyer, and Görtz in Hannover, from 1756 to 1842.

Gesetze und Verordnungen zu Spielkarten in Hannover
in: Das Blatt, Nr. 4, Okt. 1991, S. 1 - 13
A description of the laws and regulations related to playing-cards from Hannover and the tax stamps used. An updated version of the list of tax stamps is available on-line.

The Playing-Card Factory (Translation)
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. XIX, No. 1, Aug. 1990, pp. 26 - 34
A translation of an article on the history of the Lattmann company in Goslar, originally published in 1904.

Saarberg Mining Packs
in: Playing-Card World, No. 60, May 1990, pp. 12 / 13
The Saarberg mining company has edited a playing-card pack every year since 1976. The cards are described.

A Lattmann Sample Book
in: The Playing-Card, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, Feb. 1990, pp. 76 - 85
A description of the cards in a sample book from Lattmann in Goslar, from around 1860, in the collection of the Historisches Museum in Hannover.

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