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Playing-cards from Hannover

One of my areas of interest are packs of playing-cards produced in Hannover (not the Electorate or the Kingdom, but the town) before 1900.

Until now, I know 19 different packs made in Hannover before 1900, and 8 variants with minor modifications.

I have prepared a timetable of the makers in Hannover. This covers also the makers fromt the 20th and the present century.

If you are interested in the topic, you can read more about playing-card makers and taxes on playing-cards in Hannover and the packs produced there in my publication Spielkarten in Hannover. For details see the publications page.

The court cards and other relevant of some of the packs can be seen here:

I regret that most of the cards are not from my own collection, I should like to have them. They are from different private and museum collections. That is the reason why some of the pictures are not very good, they have been scanned off photos or photocopies.

I should appreciate if you would inform me if you know of any cards produced in Hannover, be it in your own collection or in a museum collection. The relevant makers' names are

Thank you very much for your help!

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